We are on a mission to document the stories and memories of veterans, because according to the Veterans Association, currently World War Two veterans are dying at a rate of six hundred veterans per day.  Their first hand accounts are an invaluable resource to the world, but time is running out to preserve their accounts.

On this mission, we will be working with Demetrius Harakas, owner of Fantastic Cafe.  Demetrius picks up a veteran a week from their homes and takes them to breakfast at his restaurant, to show them they are appreciated and to hear their stories.  He was journalling his conversations with the veterans for his own memory, but not doing any other documentation.  That is where we come in.  We will be riding along side of Demetrius filming the veterans as the eat breakfast and talk about their lives.  We will then create videos of the breakfasts and post them here.  In the end, we hope to compile all the videos into one final documentary.

Thanks for following along!

Erica Davis, Tue Duong, and Lindsey Roberts


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I noticed the article in the O C Register regarding veteran interviews. I am a Viet Nam veteran. Served with the U. S. Army from 1968 – 1970. I was in Viet Nam from 69-70. I live in Garden Grove. I would be willing to discuss with you students from Fountain Valley if you are interested. My e-mail is below, my cel # 714-809-4031.

    • We will definitely contact you and try to set up a day to interview you! Scheduling might be a little bit crazy due to school and the holidays, but I am sure we can work something out! Thank you so much for volunteering to be interviewed!

  2. I just wanted to say that this sounds like such an amazing project. I’ve never talked to a war veteran, although I would love to if I ever got the chance. My inner history greek would be thrilled. But yeah it’s so great that you guys are documenting what this man is doing! I am honestly speechless right now because I just love the idea of this project so much. That statistic in the very beginning hit me right in the heart by the way. Veterans really should be cherished while they’re still alive!

    To be honest I’ve always wanted to ask a war veteran (or the older folk in general) if they remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard of JFK’s assassination. But that’s just my Kennedy obsession talking hehe!

    Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see more from this project (:

    • Thank you so much! As you might be able to tell, we are all pretty darn excited about our project as well. Talking to the veterans is such an amazing experience; I encourage everyone to take the time and talk with one. Thanks for commenting, we really appreciate it!

  3. Just discovered this project. I am glad that you are working on documenting these oral histories of men who served our country and I hope that through your efforts their memories and stories will be preserved for posterity. Incidentally, I wonder if it would be possible to cover foreign veterans (say those who served in the Vietnamese Army) in your project too.

    While I have my own project going, I would love to assist your labours in anyway possible.

    Some appropriate music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSmUOj_CnrQ

    • Thanks Casey! You are right, It would definitely be an interesting interview if we were to cover foreign veterans and record their experiences as well!
      Thanks for your offer to help! We might have to take you up on it, if we ever get stuck searching for appropriate music to put in our videos! The song you linked to was cool!

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